Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Is it paycheck protection?

Going to church has a number of good reasons:

1.) Learn more about the Word of God.

2.) Fellowship with other believers.

3.) Worship the True God.

It seems, however, that it becomes pointless. I went to a church and noticed many people who I have seen in church for twentyseven (27) years. They are still doing the same thing: going to church and listening to sermons on the same subjects.
I love these people, without a doubt. I've been blessed to have them as neighbors and to be able to fellowship with them.

What is the point in going to church? Is it to just hear sermons and stay connected with the body of Christ? For what? Are we a fraternal organization for Christians of Christians and by Christians?
Just to go to church to go to church.

Is there a greater calling?

How about a ministry that costs no money but is the most powerful? In this ministry I don't have to leave the comfort of my home nor get out of my pajamas. I may not become notable as a great missionary. Neither a famed man of industry nor administration. I will probably not even be known of men. But I will move the hand of God!

That ministry is prayer. Consider the state of our nation. This is the greatest nation ever on the earth. It has had the longest lasting government and constitution, This is the most prosperous nation.

This nation was founded on prayer and the Word of God. Today, we still are reaping the benefits of the prayers and devotion of our founding fathers. The rich cultural heritage of prayer can return to this nation and it is my ministry to take part in calling for its return.

Sadly, there are those in this nation which are undermining the foundation which made this nation great. We have activist judges in the Supreme Court, an organization of activists lawyers called the ACLU pervades this land insisting that all that is wrong is right. In high places in goverment are they who desire to provide only for the flesh at the damnation of the country (it's called political manuevering). Many other groups there are that are lobbying for wrong to be ruled right.

Is there a higher calling than just going to church? How about waking up 20 minutes earlier so you can start your day in prayer for 15 minutes. Pray for the President, his cabinet, our nation and our armed forces. Pray for your family. Pray as the Holy Spirit leads (Ro. 8.26). An hour in the morning has made me many times more productive. I am now able to do in one day what used to take me three. God's paying me back for one measly hour in the morning.




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