Monday, August 10, 2009

Draw Near to God

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you (Ja. 4.8).

YHWY's love for you is tremendous. His call is, "Come away with me, be intimate. There are great and mighty things I want to show you."
The fact is, we must make the effort to be with Him. We must make the time and take the step. Becoming intimate with Our Lord takes time: Our time in being intimate and our regularity in meeting with Him.
To consider this time forward, we may say, "It takes 40 days of consistency to develop a habit. Or we may say, "It'll take so many days to build an investment or to build a wall." After having passed those days with consistency, we can say, "In those days of meeting with Him and waiting for Him, I have made an investment which will show dividends in time. I can see now, how I must maintain regular, intimate time with my God to see the fruit of the seed I have been planting in prayer."
When we make that decision to spend time with our Lord, we have decided, as Moses, to draw near unto the thick darkness where God is (Ex. 20.21).

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