Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Question

Did God, yet, call for a man who chose to watch rather than sleep? Would God rather have a man who is consumed with His heavenly kingdom more than simple human pleasures? Would God use such a man who believes he is to seek first the Kingdom of God?
Do yet those who lead the church prize baby sleep more than intense prayer with YHWY?
I pose these questions rhetorically because the readers knows the answer. To say otherwise is the reason the vast majority of the population have found no reason to ever return to church. There were no answers on 9/16/2001, at the greatest test. How could there be answers now?
Oh, God, I continue to intercede for those in leadership, yet they seem to be aborting all attempts to draw them into regular communion with thee.
The question about morning prayer is this: If a person does not pray first thing in the morning, aren't the chances of him having that intense time of private prayer greatly diminished as the day puts ever increasing demands on his attention, his strength and stamina, which is waning every hour? Does an hour or two of intense, private prayer with you require increasing discipline?
A pastor, as a ship's captain, must take his watch on the bridge, that is, private prayer. To not do so is to allow the ship or church be taken over by every wind of doctrine. Currently, strangers have boarded the ship, disguised as crew and officers, to lead her astray.

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