Monday, November 30, 2009

Having Prayed for you to Pray

After having spent a good time in prayer and intercession, I would like you to know what is happening in the heavenlies.

First, your most urgent need is God’s protection. Yeshua shed His blood to cleanse you and make you approved before God, the Father, making you a partaker in His glory. Next, you must be guided and directed by His Holy Spirit. You believe His Spirit will guide and lead you.

Our Lord wants to be glorified in your life and work, in all you say and do. All of your ministry must proceed from His throne. Since His ministry in and through you must come from your communion with Him in diligent, focused, solitary prayer, you must get to that time and place of prayer (your prayer closet) every day.

Please know it has pleased the Father to post angels at your place of prayer for you to come before Him unhindered for that time in which you, as Moses, draw near into the thick darkness where God is. Those angels have been posted because of the work God is pleased to do through you for His kingdom to come. Through your times of prayer, you will behold His glory with open face, as in a glass. As you spend time beholding His glory He will transfigure you into the glory and image of Jesus Christ. As you are transfigured into that holy vessel, nothing will prevent you from doing His will.

As you perform His work, your ministry, His angels will be posted about you for your protection.

When Christ, [who is] our life, shall appear, then shall ye also appear with him in glory (Co. 3.4).

God’s blessing you.

Your servant in Christ,

Christopher Dart

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