Sunday, November 22, 2009

Must I Go to Church Today?

Times Square Church receives letters from all over the nation, by the thousands, "Pastor Dave, I hate to wake up Sunday mornings; I hate to go to my church."
What a tragedy! Persecution is not needed to keep those seeking the One True God from meeting together. The direction of the churches are doing that job well.
I make entries in my journal when going to prayer meetings, teachings and church services. Last Sunday I wrote. "The speaker has resorted to jokes for he has nothing from thy throne, Almighty God, to speak. Please forgive those who regard that pulpit as a place to entertain. The words proceeding from that place are not to be idle but the very keys to life and death to the listeners. Please forgive me, O God, if I am missing you in these entertaining words. I find nothing being said to be pertinent to what is happening in the world today.
"O God, break through and use those spoken words to cause the listeners to be chosen by you and caused to approach unto you. Lord, pour out your oil for the lamp which seems to be extinguished. You promised, 'I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy lampstand out of his place, except thou repent (Re. 2.5).' Lord, cause the words spoken to move the listeners to seek your face diligently on a daily basis so they may have pure oil olive to bring for the tending of the lamp that it may burn continuously."
The oil signifies the Holy Ghost. The lampstand signifies the angelic vessel for the oil. The flame represents the presence of the Lord.
Now, Lord, I pray for the speaker today, to be even in your presence now, receiving of you a message to resound in the halls of eternity. I pray those leaders, elders and music ministers of the church be before you in humble prayer that their ministry may be of you, O God, and not of the flesh. Let all of us pray without distraction or disturbance. Cause us, O God, to get into your presence without compromising our time with you. Cause us to fear you to the extent that we will not expect our intimate time with you to be shared with our mundane activities throughout the day.
Forgive me Lord, where I feel church leaders neither care nor believe my intercession for them is any more than breath lost in the wind. Forgive me for regarding leaders as uncrucified with you, alive to this world, its prince and his watchers.
Forgive me. Lord, for finding every church in this state as vastly unconcerned for the coming of Thy Kingdom.
Lord, must I go to church? I even wrote the question last week, "What am I doing here?" The speaker even said, "I am worried about my lack of results."
O God Most High, please cause your Church to understand she must simply be faithful to you as your bride? We must be contrite and of a humble heart, let the Word dwell in us in all wisdom, seek your face and pray.

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