Monday, January 11, 2010

Ask Much

Thou, O Lord, our dwelling place
We, in prayer, do seek thy face
unworthy servants we humbly be
Yet with thy blood thou has redeemed
Laws demands we could not meet
But Jesus' blood thou didst esteem
Into the holiest thou dost invite
Sinless we thou dost now deem.

You have promised, O Lord, you will do for us whatever we ask, in thy name,
that you may bring glory to the Father.
Amazing! You bring glory to the Father when you do whatever we ask (Jn. 14.13). We ask in your name, according to your will so your kingdom will come because we have your mind (1 Co. 2.16).
Your Holy Spirit guides us into all truth, causing us to have the mind of Christ (Jn. 16.13).
May we ask much, in prayer, for you, Jesus, to bring much glory to the Father.

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