Friday, January 15, 2010

The Passing of My Brother

Thy Word, O God, is a swift sword
You shall fight against your enemies
with the double edged sword proceeding from your mouth
Your Name, O God, is exalted above all
You are Redeemer, Creator, Lord of all
To thee shall I go in time of need
Thee only shall I seek in distress
Thou hidest my soul in the cleft of the Rock
Thou dost cover me in the shelter of thy wings
You, O God, shall I worship
Your name, O God, do I praise

I received the news yesterday of my brother's passing. I stood stunned. I thought, "To whom shall I go? Who will care?"
I have tried to tell him the Gospel, though he did not seem to receive it. I certainly prayed for him, nearly 32 years. But there is that great, precious promise, "Whatsoever ye shall ask, in my name, that will I do for you, that the Father may be glorified in the Son."
I've asked for his salvation. You gave the promise. It is your will that all men come to repentance and be saved. I lift mine eyes unto Thee, O God.

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