Monday, December 07, 2009

Depth and Root

A word of knowledge can only be received by one who has depth of root. Since the Word is a double edged sword, it will cut that which is on the surface. If there is too little root, the plant can no longer live after being cut.
The depth of a man's spirit is directly related to the unseen time of meditation on the Word and prayer in his life. A life of much time in secret prayer creates a depth in a man's spirit that cannot be attained through ecclesiastic activity, academic knowledge nor work related experience. Such a depth produces an undeniable aroma of Christ in a person.
Without the depth called for by our Lord, those in the ministry perform a great disservice in the Kingdom of God. A minister without depth must repent of the sin of being too busy. Many activities have trumped the prominent place Jesus must take in our lives. We call Him, "Lord." We either deny the true meaning of Lord or are simply disobedient to Him supplanting His lordship with our own concerns. After all, most Christians have made Him only a lord so no one will notice when one with much doctrinal knowledge makes him only a lord. It's like everyone wearing a ball cap for the same team. For too many years had I kept Jesus off the throne as Lord. How horrible a life without the wonderful presence of Christ.
Repentance is the only step for the churches now as the sin is allowing ourselves to be too busy to seek the face of Almighty God. Our Lord lovingly caused me to see the sin I had been blind to, repent and once again, seek His face as if my next breath depended thereon. His presence produces depth of root allowing us to receive more of His Word.

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