Sunday, December 13, 2009

O God, I Exult in Thee

In the last two weeks, I have been so thoroughly blessed in fellowship with saints and missionaries from Times Square Church. I am pleased, also for the presence of my son at Pastors' Prayer at Times Square Church and my ability to introduce him as my disciple. Lord, help me equip others to cause thy Kingdom to come.
This weekend I am visited by a precious sister who is in the U.S. for a brief time before returning to Durban, South Africa. To my wife and me, she is as having Jesus Christ, Himself, in bodily form, in our home. Little wonder, as she is the temple of the Living God.
How can I contain such blessing?
My prayer, O God, is to help your work in South Africa and around the world to the extent I am able.
For those who have been redeemed by those ministries I pray your complete blessing of grace and peace. O Lord, thank you for them as they pray for us.
For the most part, it seems, O God, we are rejected by the church in Connecticut. You give me a word yet that word you give me, O God, is arrogantly despised. I am not too surprised, Jesus, as you told me I will receive from men the treatment you receive. The saints in NYC and Africa receive me as if I am you, in person. Bless your holy name, O God.
O God, I exult in thee.
Thou hast revealed thy glory.
In vessels of clay shalt thou be.
How wonderful thou art to me.

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