Friday, December 18, 2009

The most perilous journey

The most perilous journey is that which is embarked upon from a neglected or non existent prayer closet.
The enemy will stop at nothing short of keeping men from the prayer closet.
The enemy may suggest you should depart for a time and approach such an important matter with a fresh mind.
He may convince you that prayer is best approached later in the day. Certainly, when that time arrives, there are too many matters that must be attended. Prayer is best done when all is quiet and relaxed. When bed time arises, tiredness will do prayer no justice. Prayer would be better accomplished with a fresh mind in the morning.
The enemy had successfully convinced me to stay away from the prayer closet for 14 years.
That was the most perilous journey.
It was God's grace and mercy I had not been killed in that time. Indeed, I had several brushes with death. I nearly lost my family and everything I owned. Certainly, I lost my integrity.
God, who loved me, in spite of me, humbled me.
In humility and contrition, I may now frequent His presence. That is the most important thing to me . . . His presence.
Don't neglect the prayer closet. Doing so sets one on the most perilous journey.

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